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  • NAME: Wong Wai Kit Muhammad Rahim
  • AGE: 21
  • DOB: 22 May 1990
  • STATUS: Taken/In A Relationship
  • SCHOOL: ITE Simei
  • COURSE: Business Information System(BIS - Higher Nitec)
  • HOROSCOPE: Gemini

  • HI!! Names Wai Kit or Rahim. People call me Kit for short. YES!! I'm a mix (CHINESE+MALAY). I love to do sports and I love hanging out with my friends. I'm pretty much shy when making friends but when u get to know me .. Hahaha !! Good Luck !!


  • Get into POLICE
  • Get Into POLY (RP)
  • Class 2B Licence
  • Class 3 License
  • A Car

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  • MSN/FB - Muhammad.Wong@gmail.com

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    lets put a smile on that face =)


    Awesome People:
    Sunday, July 10, 2011 6:34 PM
    Seeing my parents suffer so much really aches my heart :'( My parents suffered so much .. Seeing my mum taking a course and she's learning to write her abc :'(

    My dear Zahidah too am suffering .. How I can earn lots of money and ease everyones suffering .. I'll make sure they all have money for their needs ='(

    Sayang .. No matter wat we are in this together .. Don blame yrself .. I LOVE U and tats tat .. No matter how hard it is we will overcome it bit by bit .. Step by step ..

    I got some ridiculous msg from FB and he got the wrong person -.- .. Get the facts right first -.- Hello I'm in camp so how can I be outside -.-

    Can't blame them they are still small ..

    1st msg:

    eh fker u dont know how to talk to me ah? fker u want to die is it? fk when i talk don't fking talk in the background ok? fker u want die tell me ur address and all i'll fking send people chop ur fking face..u fking watch watch out fker..u don't fuck around with my brothers fker _|_

    2nd msg:

    u really wan die is it? u fking answer me if not i'm fking sending me men tomorrow...looking for u....fking go and explain to maira u lied about everything...if not ur fking head is on my list...fker..u go and fking say sorry to avash and maira right now....fker if not i'm fking kill u right now....don't think i don't have contacts in sg right now._|_

    3rd msg:

    m sorry made a mistake..take care.

    My heart aches for them :'(