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  • NAME: Wong Wai Kit Muhammad Rahim
  • AGE: 21
  • DOB: 22 May 1990
  • STATUS: Taken/In A Relationship
  • SCHOOL: ITE Simei
  • COURSE: Business Information System(BIS - Higher Nitec)
  • HOROSCOPE: Gemini

  • HI!! Names Wai Kit or Rahim. People call me Kit for short. YES!! I'm a mix (CHINESE+MALAY). I love to do sports and I love hanging out with my friends. I'm pretty much shy when making friends but when u get to know me .. Hahaha !! Good Luck !!


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  • Get Into POLY (RP)
  • Class 2B Licence
  • Class 3 License
  • A Car

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  • MSN/FB - Muhammad.Wong@gmail.com

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    lets put a smile on that face =)


    Awesome People:
    Wednesday, August 13, 2008 11:55 PM
    Took a browse on Awie's phone and manage to find this old pic tat we played the last time at class .. Hahahas .. This really made me smile ..

    The pain!!

    Its so unbearable ..

    WTF ..

    Arr!! .. Chuan Yao(left) cute sia ..

    I disturb Veera till lost concentration ..

    After tat we went to Fish and Co to eat as I was craving for some .. I, Veera, Awie and Terry went to eat at Novena. While we were there Awie and Terry were behaving so GAY!! .. This really made me sick .. I and Veera can't stand it and we were laughing away ..

    After tat went to Donut Factory to eat some dessert before going home .. MY TREAT!!.. We were really comfortable there and dun really wish to move our butt off the seats .. Felt like torning during tat moment .. Hahaha .. But didn .. We went home instead ..^^

    The beautiful view tat we sat and ate ..

    Terry & Veera ..

    Awie ..

    Awie ordered .. Fish (sweet & sour)

    Mine(seafood platter for 2) .. LOL .. I finish it sia but abit they help me eat

    Veera order .. (Salmon)

    Terry ordered .. (new york fish and chip)

    Terry and Awie ..

    Mine and Veera
    Pose of a GAY .. LOL ..

    After eatting ..

    My 2 handsome bros ..